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Qpre is committed to maintaining your privacy in the qpre.com website.

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 Information that we gather

Qpre will gather certain information from you directly or indirectly.  Direct information is gathered via various web forms where you will be asked to voluntarily provide information for the services that we provide.  For example, to receive white papers, register to certain events, feed back forms, etc.   You will be informed of how the direct information that you provide will be used.  Indirect information is gathered purely for web statistics.  For example, your internet address, your browser type used, while accessing qpre.com, will be gathered for our access logs.  Also, sometimes, we will use cookies to get information about your visit at qpre.com to better serve you and give personalization services.  Cookies are small data files stored on the visitors desktops which contain information of your visit to qpre.com.  Note: if you do not want us to use cookies, you have the option of disabling this from your browser.

 Personal Data

Generally we do not seek to collect sensitive, personal data through the web site.  In some cases, we will advise you of the usage of such data, and you will have a choice whether to provide it or not. If you provide unsolicited, sensitive personal data, we cannot guarantee how that will be used, so we urge you to not provide sensitive, personal data through our website, except in circumstances where we ask for it, to provide you services.

Your information

You have the right to know if we keep your information at Qpre.  If we do, you can ask for that information and make corrections if it is incorrect, by contacting us at webmaster@qpre.com

Data Sharing

Qpre has global alliances with remote service providers who are our business partners, alliances or affiliates.  The data that we collect may be shared with these alliances to provide better service.  We will at no time sell your information to a 3rd party vendor.  In some instances, where we want to share the information to outside vendors, you will be notified and given a choice to opt out.

Data Security

We have taken and will continue to take appropriate steps to secure your data in our website.  You must also understand that with the open nature of the internet, data might be exchanged in an unsecured way and might be accessed by people whom it is not intended.

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