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Flexible biomass fuel stove

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According to World Health Organization an estimated 1.6 million people die prematurely due to the exposure to hazardous cooking environment using inefficient biomass stoves


Navagni an improved biomass cooking stove from Qpre will help significantly to create a healthier cooking environment to all the biomass fuel stoves in use at present.

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Key Features
  • Provides for a healthier cooking environment

  • Considerable reduction in green house gas emissions

  • Portable

  • Accepts any kind of biomass fuel

  • Does not require LPG or Kerosene as the fuel

  • Does not require electricity in any form (not even a battery operated fan)

  • Easy flame control

  • Reduces heat loss

  • Annual savings in cooking fuel

  • Opportunity to earn money using the stove !

  • Built using concepts of top-lit updraft gasification technology with enhancements

  • Affordable !


Unhealthy cooking environment

Navagni cooking environment


Navagni for a better life

Technology behind the stove


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Tips and Precautions while using Navagni


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