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Flexible biomass fuel stove

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  Navagni for a better life 

Use of Navagnistoves will promote real Social and community benefits

You can earn money while cooking using Navagni™ stove for cooking!



Qprebelieves that the valuable features of Navagnistoves should be made available to rural and urban communities to improve the quality of life.  It is evident from our research that a large population (especially rural) use traditional biomass fuel stoves such as chulas or other inefficient stoves for cooking or heating.  Primary reasons for this choice are either they cannot afford and/or do not have access to better stoves.  Qprewould like to address these very constraints and provide a better choice these families deserve. 


Qprewill provide the stove for a one time affordable cost


Virtually maintenance free, the stove does not require additional spending. With the features like flexibility of using any biomass fuel, less fuel consumption, revenue from the generated coal, Navagnistove will pay for itself very quickly.  The stove will also be covered with a one year manufacturer limited warranty.


Qpreis committed to provide Navagnistoves at affordable cost.  We will work with non-profit, social service, government and non-government organizations, entrepreneurs and any body who share our vision to educate and promote better quality of life.


Use of Navagnistoves will promote real Social and community benefits in many ways.  Following are just a few illustrations –

Stove provides a healthier environment thus improving the quality of life of the family

Healthier families create a healthier community and less burden on the community services

Less fuel consumption reduces the collections time of fuels for women and children particularly.  This results in increased time for other activities including education and other family activities

Faster cooking time provides women leisure for actively involving themselves in other community activities

Coal generation provides additional income options for families



You can earn money while cooking using Navagni™ stove for cooking!

We are not talking about selling the food that you cook with the stove and make money (well you can do that too). We are talking about the special feature of the stove where you can generate Coal while you are feeding your family. The coal generated can then be sold in the open market for financial benefits. 

Navagni™ stove design has a coal chamber where the raw material favorable to become coal (like firewood etc) can be loaded prior to cooking. The technology of the stove will burn this raw material in the coal chamber without any contact to fire and without any visible smoke and convert this to coal. All this while you are cooking your meal!



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